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Getting a tattoo removed is a big decision.

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    What to Expect

    New Orleans Tattoo Removal wants to help you through your tattoo removal journey. Our team of professionals will develop a treatment plan that suits your needs and your tattoo, answer all your questions, and work with you to decide if removal is right for you.

    How Much Will it Cost?

    We want everyone to have access to quality laser tattoo removal, so we offer affordable packages, competitive pricing, and amazing results.

    How Long Does it Take?​

    Each session takes approximately 15 minutes. We estimate that three to five sessions are needed to fade a coverup piece and ten to twelve sessions are required for complete removal, based on tattoo colors and sizes.

    Does it Hurt?​

    Clients say their laser tattoo treatment feels like having a rubber band snapped on them and that the discomfort is about the same as getting a tattoo.

    New Orleans Tattoo Removal Specialists are here to help guide you through your tattoo removal journey.

    Before we see your tattoos, we are interested in knowing the person that you are inside. We are excited to get to know you better throughout the removal process.

    Initial Consultation

    Your first appointment with us will be an informative consultation, and many people choose to begin the removal process at this time.

    Tattoo Removal Process​

    The removal process takes anywhere from 3-5 treatments for fading to 10-12 treatments for full removal. Learn more about how it works.​

    Pricing Options​

    New Orleans Tattoo Removal offers flexible pricing and affordable packages so you can find what works for you.

    Aftercare Best Practices​

    Your first visit with us will be an informative consultation. Many people also choose to begin the removal process on this first appointment.

    Frequently Asked Removal Questions

    Thanks to our advanced laser technology, we can remove even more challenging tattoo colors that were impossible to remove in the past. It is even an alternative to those who tried tattoo removal before, but gave up after seeing poor results.

    Most tattoos can be completely removed using our selection of lasers, depending on the particular circumstances of your tattoo. Our laser professionals will guide you about what level of removal is most likely to be possible for your tattoo.

    Tattoo artists often suggest customers lighten an existing tattoo before covering it with a new one. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of the old tattoo showing through the new tattoo. In most cases, three to six treatments are all that’s necessary to lighten an existing tattoo.

    Our laser’s pulse is so strong, it can destroy the ink without damaging the live tissue in the process. Similar to running your hand over a candle very quickly, there isn’t enough time to burn the skin.Tattoo removal laser treatments may cause redness, swelling, blistering, and scabbing, but our laser technology, along with proper aftercare, ensures there will be no scarring.

    The location of the tattoo on your body, and how dense the ink is, do have an impact. The farther away the tattoo is from your heart and the more dense the ink is, the longer it will take to remove it. For instance, removing a tattoo on the foot can take significantly longer than removing the same size tattoo on the chest. This is due to the fact that blood circulation is much better closer to the heart than on the foot (which is also why your feet get colder quicker than the rest of your body). The lower the circulation, the longer it takes to remove the tattoo.